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Great news! The Station Breaks - featuring Jason Manns and Rob Benedict on  European Tour in 2017!


Picture by Jochen Kratschmery

Tickets are available!

Tickets for Amsterdam are on sale @!

Tickets for London are on sale @

 More detailed informations in the category  "Dates"


Thanks to everyone who joined us at our Music Festival! We hope to see y'all next year!

Here we go ....
the announcement of our last two guests to the most amazing Supernat-A-Looza Music Festival

Timothy Omundson

and for the first time in Germany...Briana Buckmaster...

....the Tickets for our "Supernat-A-Looza" Music "Haus" Party from Sept. 30th - Oct. 2nd 2015 with confirmed guests Rob Benedict with Louden Swain, Osric Chau, Timothy Omundson, Briana Buckmaster, Jason Manns and Band, The Station Breaks, The Mots Nouveaux with Amanda Wallace, Paul Carella, Hayden Lee, and Emad Alaeddin are available


Welcome our new guest to the "Supernat-A-Looza" Music "Haus" Party - Osric Chau!

Picture : Christine Peters

We're happy to announce that we have two more VIP Events available at our Jason Manns Tour in May!
Come and join us for a Wine Meeting and a StageIt show on Monday May 16th 2016


Welcome our new guest to the "Supernat-A-Looza" Music "Haus" Party - Emad Alaeddin 


Here we go....the Tickets for our "Supernat-A-Looza" Music "Haus" Party from Sept. 30th - Oct. 2nd - with confirmed guests Jason Manns, Hayden Lee , Paul Carella, Rob Benedict and Louden Swain...and more to come.....are available @


We’re very happy to announce the Jason Manns
May Tour 2016

May 9th - Show and Meet&Greet at Zigrid von Underbelly in London Tickets available

May 13th - Show at Purgatory in Düsseldorf
by Entertainment Events

Tickets available soon @

May 23rd - May 26th - JIBLand in Rome
by JIB -
More informations and tickets @

Thanks to everyone who came out to one (or more) of our shows or events along our Early Spring Tour with Jason Manns, Rob Benedict and Paul Carella - Special Guest Billy Moran and at our Osnabrück show with Michael Witte an Band! We had a blast! Hope to see y'all soon!


As the Early Spring Tour with Jason Manns, Rob Benedict & Paul Carella - Special Guest (for most of the tour) Billy Moran and Special Guests in Osnabrück Michael Witte and Band is only a few days away, a few quick infos:

Most tickets are send out, only the ones from the last few days still have to be send,

There are no extra tickets for the Meet & Greet in London, show them your concert ticket at the entrance, they'll have a list with the names,

No extra tickets will be send out for the VIP Bar Crawl in London, we'll await you at the first Bar with a list of participants. Detailled infos with place and time will be send out to the participants by email in the next few days,

VIP Infos for the Coffee Lounge in Munich, Wine Meeting in Frankfurt and VIP Live audience StageIt are send out, VIP Infos for the Brunch in Cologne will be send out in the next few days,

Meet & Greets start everywhere at 7 pm. Make sure you get to the venue on time. At the end of the Meet & Greet we'll take a group picture with all participants and the artists. If you want a pic with only you and the artists you can purchase a Photo op,

Shows start everywhere at 8 pm. Doors are approx. 7.30 pm,

The artists will be signing Merchandise after the show, but as time is limited we can't guarantee that they can sign all, also you can ask for a pic with your camera, but only one guest at a time, if you want a pic with the group, you can purchase a Photo op.

We can't wait to see y'all soon!

Picture: Christopher John Schmelke

Here is our surprise guest to the Tour of Jason Manns, Rob Benedict and Paul Carella...another member of Louden Swain - Billy Moran!
And we added two more special events....a Wine Meeting in Frankfurt and the chance to be the live audience at the Frankfurt StageIt.

Get your tickets now!


Check out the tour plan of Jason Manns, Rob Benedict and Paul Carella for January 2016! We just added a new city...Frankfurt!

The Tour Dates of Tyler Hilton & Kate Voegele have changed! The Frankfurt show is now May 14th 2016!

Here is Kate and Tyler's statement: "To our dear friends and fans in Europe, in light of the recent tragedy in Paris and the warnings from our state department on international travel, after much thought, we've decided in the best interest and safety of everyone, to reschedule our European tour dates. The good news is all venues were very accommodating and we have rescheduled these dates for next May. This decision was a heavy one for us, with so many perspectives to consider, including those of all of our fans. We hope you understand, and can't wait to see you in May.

Love you guys!!!

Kate & Tyler


Rockwood Music Festival 2015 - Photo Ops as JPG’s

We’re now offering our participants of the Rockwood Music Festival 2015 the option to order their Photo Ops as JPG.
Order the amount of JPG’s you want in the ticket shop and send an email to which of your Photo Ops you want.


It's official - the first Tour dates of the Jason Manns, Rob Benedict and Paul Carella Tour in January 2016 are online! We're coming to Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Osnabrück - with Special Guests Michael Witte and Band - and London/UK.

Picture: Christine Peters
More dates will be announced soon!



 Thanks to everyone who joined us last weekend for our Rockwood Music Festival. We had a blast and hope to see y’all next year!

Next is the Tyler Hiton and Kate Voegele show on December 16th in Frankfurt at Zoom. Tickets are available through Eventim.

And then stay tuned for our next tour of Jason Manns, Rob Benedict and Paul Carella in January 2016. Dates  will be announced  soon.


Great news for those who can't make it for the whole weekend of our Music Festival. We just added show tickets only for Saturday and Sunday!
Please be aware that the shows are at different times and the show on Saturday will be a longer set.
Those tickets are not valid for any other activity of the Festival - they are show only!
If you want to join us for stage talks, photos and autographs or want to be part of the exclusive Backstage After Party you need to have a entrance ticket for the Festival (1 day pass or more).


The schedule and directions for the Music Festival are now online - see "The Festival".


As our Music Festival is coming closer....only a few weeksuntil this very special weekend... we have some last changes in the Lineup, due to an injury and work commitments.
First we are very sorry but due to an injury on her shoulder Natasha Dahdaleh can’t join us. She's very unhappy that she can't make it. So please send her your love and good thoughts! Get better soon Drummer girl!
But Emad Alaeddin will be there and playing!
And we are very happy for him, but sadly it means he can’t be there either, Riley Smith has filming obligations with him now playing in “Nashville”, so The Life of Riley will not be with us this year either.
They are quite gutted about it, as this would've been a dream come true for them too, to finally being able to perform with so many friends again...but they are very much hoping they can make it next time.
With those changes....we were working real hard and are very happy that we can already present you wonderful guests joining us instead and with that the Lineup is now even bigger than before…..
....please welcome Justin Wyatt as Hayden Lee’s guitarist, Rob Humphreys and Cooper Appelt supporting Jason Manns as his Band….
and with great pleasure…we can announce The Mots Nouveaux (Aaron Beaumont and Emma Fitzpatrick)!
Emma’s is currently playing in a TV series with Nathaniel Buzolic (The Vampire Diaries) and Josh Zuckerman (90210 and Desperate Housewifes), so we’re more than happy she can actually make it work and come to Germany!

Picture: Christine Peters

With these artists be sure you’ll see and hear collaborations you’ve never seen before and which most likely will never happen again!
For those with tickets for a special event (photo/autograph/unplugged lounge) for The Final Wish, those are now valid for Emad Alaeddin and you'll get a voucher for the price difference, but you can also exchange them to other tickets available or get a refund at the Festival.
For those with tickets for a special event (photo/autograph/unplugged lounge) for The Life of Riley, those are now valid for The Mots Nouveaux, but you can also exchange them to other tickets available or get a refund at the Festival.
Photo tickets with Rob Humphreys, Cooper Appelt and Justin Wyatt, Hayden Lee & Justin Wyatt and Jason Manns and Band will be available at registration.
Autograph tickets with Rob Humphreys, Cooper Appelt and Justin Wyatt will be available at registration.
For those you haven’t bought a ticket yet….now is the time……


Great news for all our UK friends, who can't make it to our wonderful Rockwood Music Festival....we are very happy that we can bring you some of our guests for a show to London!

Jason Manns, Blake Lewis and friends in concert Oct. 5th 2015 at The Borderline.

Tickets are available:


We are very sorry but have to announce that Rob Benedict can’t make it to the Music Festival.

Here is his letter to you:

“Hey everyone! As some of you may know, my dear friend Trevor, who was a surrogate member of my family, lost his battle with cancer a few months ago. I need to go back home and be with him for a special memorial that is being held to honor Trevor’s life and loss. Unfortunately the memorial takes place the weekend of the music festival. It is with great sadness that I will have to bow out of being there. I know you all understand, but I also hope you know how much I wanted to be there. Please feel the love I’m giving to all of you. There is a very exciting guest coming to take my place who I know you will love. You have an amazing weekend lined up. I’ll plan on being there in year 2!
And hopefully I’ll see you all when Jason and I tour again….plans are already in the making….thank you Rockwood Events!
Much love, Rob Benedict“

We are sure that you all understand that being there for his friend in those moments is something he has to do!

And as Rob wrote….yes we already have a wonderful guest taking his place! It’s his first time in Germany and he is very happy to come and sing for you! He is also part of the Supernatural family!

With great pleasure we can announce that Gil McKinney is joining us at the Rockwood Music Festival!

For those with tickets for a special event (photo/autograph/unplugged lounge) with Rob Benedict, those are now valid for Gil McKinney. But of course you can exchange them to other tickets available or get a refund at the Festival.

For those you haven’t bought a ticket yet….now is the time…


We had a blast at our summer tour with Paul Carella! He was joined in London by his guitarist Alex Hillman and Dexeter as supportig act. We hope you had a great time, too. You can see him again at our Rockwood Music Festival in October!

Picture: Christine Peters

We are very sorry, but have to inform you that we have to cancel the Gary Quinn shows in Cologne and Frankfurt in June, as Gary can't make it this weekend.

We're already looking into new dates and will let you know as soon as possible! 

We'll get in touch with everyone who has bought a ticket and are offering to either hold on to your tickets for the upcoming shows or  to refund the tickets over the upcoming weekend.


Again, Gary as well as us are very sorry about this, but he will come to Germany at a later time this year! We very much hope for your understanding and continuing support!


Great news! We're very happy to announce two more wonderful guests for the Music Festival!

Paul Carella and Blake Lewis will join us for the weekend!

Blake Lewis is an American singer-songwriter and beatboxer who was the runner-up on the sixth season of American Idol! His third album, Portrait of a Chameleon, was released on May 20, 2014. This was his first independent record and includes his hit single "Your Touch".

The Tickets for the Music Festival are online!

You can order your tickets for the Music Festival from October 2nd - 4th 2015 now! 
You can also book your room at the great Sheraton Offenbach Hotel for a special Festival rate! Go to

The code for the Festival rate is "Rockwood Events"


We're very happy to announce that the Jason Manns concert in Cologne in May will have some special guests! Our first special guest is Michael Witte and Band! If you want to know more about him and his music go to



 We are also very happy to announce that Jason Manns is coming back to Germany! You can see him in May in Cologne and Frankfurt! Get your tickets now!


We are very happy to announce that Gary Quinn is coming to Germany! You can see him in June in Cologne and Frankfurt! Get your tickets now!



Welcome to our first Rockwood Music Festival!

The Festival is going to take place from October 2nd until 4th 2015 at the Sheraton Offenbach Hotel.

Confirmed Guests are:
Jason Manns
Rob Benedict
The Life of Riley
The Final Wish and Hayden Lee

More announcements of guests will follow soon.

The 3 day event includes Opening Ceremony, "Backstage" Party, Jam Sessions in the theatre, Photo Sessions, Unplugged Lounges, Autograph Sessions and two concerts.

Tickets for the event will be available on this website in the next days.
Room Reservations at the Sheraton Offenbach Hotel are available for participants of the event for a special price at the Hotel with a special link in the next days, too. The code for the special price is "Rockwood Events".

We hope to see y'all !


Paul Carella and his Band with support act Dexeter will be playing at The Borderline in London UK on July 24th 2015!

We are very happy to announce....Paul Carella will be back in Frankfurt on July 19th 2015!

Picture: Christine Peters


Thank you Jason Manns, Rob Benedict and Paul Carella for this amazing tour! It was such a great time with awesome music, wonderful events and lots of great moments!

I'm sure everyone who was there, agrees when I say we need to do this again, soon!

Also a big thank you, to everyone who came out to join us on this tour, at a show, a VIP Event or online for the StageIt show! It was so great so see y'all! And hope to see you soon, again!


Jason Manns & Rob Benedict together on Tour!

The Tour with Jason Manns and Rob Benedict kicks off tonight in Berlin...then off to Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt and London.

Tickets for Berlin tonight - please come and join us and pay at the door.

Tickets for Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt are available at

Tickets for the London show are available at

We hope to see y'all on the road!


We have great news for you!

We're very happy to announce that the wonderful Paul Carella is opening for Jason Manns & Rob Benedict at the Matinee show on Sunday Feb. 8th in Frankfurt!

Also we can offer you exclusively on the Sunday Feb. 8th at the Frankfurt venue a photo op with our great artists....time, prices and tickets will be on the website in the next few days!


After the awesome experience of those two wonderful musicians getting on stage together at the Jailbreak/Rome in May 2014, Jason Manns and Rob Benedict, decided to join up for a tour. Don't miss that one time opportunity and get your tickets now!

Picture: Christine Peters


For all the UK Fans....great news.....The Final Wish are also playing in London!


The Final Wish and Hayden Lee together on Tour!

We're very happy to announce another awesome collaboration of great musicians. The Final Wish (Emad Alaeddin and Natasha Dahdaleh) and Hayden Lee are coming this November to Frankfurt/Germany. Get your tickets now!


Pictures of Emad Alaeddin and Natasha Dahdaleh: Christine Peters







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For all the Fans of @RileySmith and #Frequency for Season 2!
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